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Fresh meat

PIK cooperates with more than 100 farms spread throughout Croatia. PIK’s freshly packaged meat comes with guaranteed traceability at all stages of production – from the field to the table – using the best global technology, IT and hygiene standards. All processes are constantly supervised by experts. The use of state-of-the-art packaging technology fully preserves freshness, quality, juiciness and color, and it ensures the healthiness of PIK fresh packaged meat.

Packaged pork

PIK freshly packaged pork is labeled Meat from Croatian Farms, which informs consumers about the food products that they are buying and consuming and guarantees that the products are top quality and of domestic origin.

Packaged beef

PIK Vrbovec is extremely important to the work of the Baby Beef Association, which brings together producers of beef cattle. PIK buys beef from 60 Croatian farms from all major suppliers and places the products with the Croatian Beef label at over 1,000 points of sale.

Minced meat

Minced meat has always been one of the most common and favorite foods in many kitchens. PIK minced meat comes in several different types and packaging, and will allow you to quickly prepare a variety of dishes, such as Bolognese, fried meatballs, lasagna, stuffed peppers and many others.


PIK’s offer of pre-marinated pieces of meat facilitates the preparation of many dishes. Different marinades make the meat even more tender, juicier and tastier, and they also reduce preparation time.


MATURO steaks are made from the highest quality beef from Croatian farms. This top-quality meat matures in controlled conditions for 21 days and its structure softens in a completely natural way. When ripe, a specific red color is achieved, as well as exceptional juiciness, a characteristic aroma and the supple tenderness of the meat.

Kako? Lako!

KAKO? LAKO! is a line of pre-prepared products that allow quick and easy preparation of favorite dishes, and on the back of the package you can find a recipe suggestion.


The seasonal offer of PIK fresh meat brings unique products to your table that will fit perfectly into any occasion.

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