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About us

PIK Vrbovec Meat Industry is a leading meat company in Croatia and the region and with its products meets almost 40% of the needs for red meat and red meat products, which puts us in a leading position in the Croatian market.

The roots of PIK Vrbovec go back to 1938. In 2005, it began very intensive development , which from year to year has registered records in the quantity of products produced and sold. Today, it is the leading meat industry in Croatia and the surrounding region, engaged in the production, sale and distribution of fresh red meat and meat products. PIK Vrbovec meets over 40% of the needs for the red meat and meat products market in Croatia and it is a leader in all of the categories for which it produces: fresh meat, hams, perishable salami, red meat parisers, mortadellas, sausages for cooking and baking, and cold cuts.

PIK’s position in the market today can be attributed to continuous investments innovations, modern technology, a focus on safety and quality production processes and products, knowledge and the commitment of all of its employees, but also a business philosophy focused on the market and constant attention to consumer needs and requirements.

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