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PIK offers a wide range of products which are divided into two main categories – fresh meat and processed meat products. Selecet the group you are interested in and find out more about the offer.

PIK freshly packaged meat is locally grown and comes from more than 100 farms throughout Croatia.
With PIK’s Volim roštilj (I Love Barbecue) čevapi, sausages, burgers and other products – it’s easy to be a barbecue master!
PIK sausages for cooking and baking go well in a frying pan, in a pot, or on the grill .
Čajna, Zimska, Panona, Vrbovečka, Rustika – PIK preserved sausages are characteristic of their traditional recipes.
PIK dry meats have a slightly accentuated note of smoke, a rustic taste and selected pieces of meat and spices.
PIK slices stand out for their freshness, quality and a wide selection of specific flavors, while saving time.
PIK hams have a unique and juicy taste, and they are also characterized by high protein value and low fat content.
PIKO is an excellent source of protein, and for many years it has been a favorite delicacy of all generations, especially youngsters
PIK Mortadellas are a product with a mild and interesting taste, made according to a traditional Italian recipe.
Sljeme is a recognizable brand for many traditional products, especially in and around the area of Zagreb.
PIK products are an ideal ingredient in various dishes, such as stews and pasta or classic sandwiches and platters.

The line of ready to cook meat dishes prepared using the ‘slow cooking’ method will facilitate the preparation that normally takes hours.

An innovative line of meat products without added nitrites and phosphates, but still with a recognizable original taste.

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